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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your religious affiliation?

We are supported by many churches in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Jefferson, and Dodge counties and we interact with a diverse representation of the Body of Christ who share our statement of faith and our vision. While we call Thirst Church our church home and many have attended services, events, and bible studies with us at Thirst, we give all of our Haus guests the choice as to where they want to explore their spiritual journey. 

How can I offer prayer support?

We have a prayer team; if you would like to join our prayer team or start the conversation with her about what the prayer team entails, please contact Mary Lynn Vogel at 920-723-6553.

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How can I volunteer?

There are many opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. We need help with our annual fundraiser, grant research, day-to-day operations and more. If you wish to volunteer, please contact Sue Trepte at 920-285-7179 or

How do I sponsor a guest or family?

Start by having a conversation with Sue Trepte by emailing her at or call at 920-285-7179.

How can I spread the word?

Tell your friends and family about us, and invite us to speak at your church, workplace, community groups, and more! We would love to share the Haus of Peace story with your friends, colleagues and other people in your network.

What supplies are you most in need of?​

Haus of Peace has several items that we are in great need of at this time; please check out our donation page to see how you can help meet these needs.

Is my donation tax deductible?​

Yes, donations are tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.. The IRS requires donors who make a single charitable gift of $250 or more to obtain a receipt from the organization before deducting the gift for federal income tax purposes. For donations more than $250 per year, you will receive a year-end tax receipt from Haus of Peace. For donations less than $250 per year, we will send you a year-end tax receipt upon request.

How do I set up monthly donations?

You can use Bill Pay or other Auto Pay system that your bank might offer to donate automatically each month from your bank account to Haus of Peace. A check will be sent to Haus of Peace each month from the bank for deposit. Your bank will help you set this up. Generally, this option does not have a transaction fee.

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