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About Haus of Peace

Our Approach

The Haus of Peace represents a beacon of light for women and children seeking a fresh start. At its core, we are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each individual, aiming to provide a holistic support system that facilitates healing and self-reliance. Haus of Peace extends a warm welcome to all individuals, especially those who are struggling due to abuse, homelessness, poor decisions, or life transitions. 


From the moment residents step through our doors, they are embraced with a comprehensive approach to rebuilding their lives, encompassing physical, mental, spiritual, financial, educational, and emotional aspects. Haus of Peace equips its guests with the tools necessary for personal growth and stability through a comprehensive program that includes anger management, building healthy relationships, weekly counseling, financial planning, and future planning with a positive outlook.


Our structured program prioritizes mental health care, establishing connections with our new residents and engaging the community and volunteers to offer support and compassion. Within two weeks of joining Haus of Peace, we provide essential services, support and resources to address all basic needs, ensure employment opportunities, and help our Haus guests build a better, more secure future.


“And the King will answer them, 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'” Matthew 25:40

Our Story

Sue & John Trepte

Sue and John Trepte of Watertown, WI founded the Haus of Peace organization in 2016 following the tragic loss of their son. They started by opening their own home to serve as a shelter for homeless and abused women. Today, with the support of the community and a board of directors, they operate 2 locations and have helped over 289 women and 94 children recover from trauma and regain their independence.


Our goal is to add an additional location in 2024 — help us reach our goal!


Program Philosophy 

The Haus of Peace philosophy is rooted in the development of well-rounded, self-supporting individuals and the opportunity to understand what God has in store for those who embody integrity and accountability. These values guide residents during their stay and serve as fundamental principles for independent living. By committing to the empowerment of each woman and child, the Haus of Peace transforms lives and strengthens the community by fostering confident, wise, and supportive members eager to share their success and contribute positively to the lives of others and the community.


We seek to understand the needs of each woman and child to connect them with the proper resources to help them heal and become self-reliant by offering our Haus guests:


  • insights into how one's thoughts, feelings, and actions are closely interconnected;

  • an empathetic, therapeutic, consistent, and supportive environment;

  • development of personal resiliency, responsibility, and individual strengths;

  • behavioral regulation and spiritual journey guidance.


We help rebuild and reshape their lives through a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and emotional support. Guests are expected to follow integrity and accountability policies while at the Haus of Peace that continue to benefit them when living an independent life.

Hear the stories of the people we help and the mission we’re led by.

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